About the Name

Why "The Blue Mug"?  As a young child I have vivid memories of cool, foggy mornings in beautiful Boulder Colorado waking up to the warm, delicious smell of fresh roasted coffee. I would slowly make my way downstairs to where my mother would be serving up a fresh brewed warm pot of coffee served with a little sugar and a dollop of whipped cream. Of course, my mother’s warm cup of coffee would always be served in my favorite handcrafted blue mug which we purchased on one of our annual trips to Italy.

Oh wait... that’s not true.

The actual story is a little different.  Well, it’s basically all true except for a few, mostly irrelevant details. First, there were no stairs to come down because we lived in a one level house. Also, the bit about Italy wasn’t true but it did sound good.  I did make myself a cup of coffee (or tea) each morning but unfortunately it wasn’t from a blue mug. And I did eventually make it to Italy but it was almost 30 years later.

The real story. 

We were looking for a good name for our coffee shop. We had hundreds of names and ideas given to us from friends and family. Many names were great but nothing really stuck out to us as unique or interesting. Until we thought "The Blue Mug."  It just  sounded right. The red mug didn’t sound right. The green mug didn’t sound appetizing. The orange mug wasn’t good. But the Blue Mug. Perfect!  A friend came up with the logo and The Blue Mug was born.

Polly Baker